UNIT 3 - The College Process (Supplements, Resume, Selection, Recommendation Letters)

Enduring Understandings:
  • Many different factors must be considered before students decide what schools and programs are right for them.
  • College websites, resources such as College Board Big Future provide tools that can assist with the college application process.
  • Organized resources including a resume with a list of activities, volunteer work and skills will make the college application and scholarship application process easier.

Essential Questions:
  • How will a college know that you are the right student for the school?
  • What type of college will be best for you?
  • What is required for the college application?
  • What format is used to write a formal letter or a professional email?
  • What is a resume?
  • What should be in a resume and how should the resume be formatted?

  • Determine characteristics of colleges that appeal to you.
  • Explore two or three colleges of interest: college websites, stats on college search engines including College Board, __Unigo.__
  • Write an essay comparing the two colleges.
  • Write an essay explaining why you want to go to one of the colleges.
  • Create a resume.
  • Write a formal letter of recommendation for a classmate.
  • Write a supplemental essay for one of your college applications.

Common Assessment:
  • Short essay on why I want to go to a specific college

Finding a College that is Right for You-



College Board College Search Big Future College Search

Peterson's Education Resources College Match Tool

Unigo College Search includes student reviews

College Confidential- College Search


How To Create a Great College List- by College Essay Guide

College Express.com

College Rankings:

Additional Information on the College Application Process:

College Visits - How to Make the
Supplemental Essays:

Tools for Researching your College:

Visit the website. Take a virtual tour. Examine the student newspaper. Explore any student or admission blogs. Look beyond the obvious.

Writing a Resume:

Dave Barry article with Sample Resume
external image high-school-student-resume-example.jpg
external image high-school-student-resume-example.jpg

Resume Writing Tips by Vertex

Resume Templates and Visual Guide

Jameson Sample Resume

Resume Template

Grading Rubric for Resume

OWL Purdue Resources:

OWL Purdue- Resume

OWL Purdue - Resume PPT

Resume and Vitas

Writing a Formal Letter:
external image FullBlockFormat.JPG
external image FullBlockFormat.JPG

Letter of Recommendation Assignment

Sample Letter- To Whom It May Concern

Letter of Recommendation Sample with Annotations and Grading Rubric

Morgan Student Sample Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Grading Rubric

Letter of Recommendation Template

Writing A Thank You Note

College Confidential Advice and Suggestions
external image Lovely-hanging-thank-you.jpg
external image Lovely-hanging-thank-you.jpg

Thank You Letters You Need to Write as Part of the College Application Process