UNIT 4 - Investigating Rhetorical Patterns

Enduring Understandings:
  • Actively reading a text will improve comprehension.
  • Identifying the purpose of a text is essential to full understanding of the text.
  • Identifying and understanding the rhetoric of the text will help you to understand the text and write a meaningful response to the text.
  • A response must have an arguable thesis statement.
  • A response should have well developed paragraphs with specific references to the text supporting the thesis.
  • Rhetorical elements enhance the defense of an argument.
  • Appropriate, clear graphics can facilitate the comprehension of a text.

Essential Questions:
  • How does a thesis bind an essay?
  • How does one formulate a meaningful response to an essay?
  • How does one effectively integrate other people‚Äôs words into my own writing?
  • How does one correctly implement MLA citation?
  • How does the intended audience affect the tone, content and rhetorical strategies and devices in a text?
  • How does voice affect writing?
  • How are the rhetorical appeals, strategies and devices used to convey meaning and fulfill purpose in texts?
  • What are the qualities of the following rhetorical patterns: definition, description, process analysis, comparison-contrast?
  • How can a graphic facilitate the comprehension of a text.

  • Read and analyze model essays.
  • Write a definition essay.
  • Write a description essay.
  • Write a process analysis.
    • Create a WikiHow for a process.
  • Write a comparison-contrast essay.

Common Assessment:
  • Write an essay using one of the above-mentioned formats.

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