UNIT 8 - Analyzing Fiction
Resources: __Discussion Circle Rubric__, works of fiction in the Grade 11-CCR text-complexity band

Enduring Understanding:
  • Effective participation in a discussion involves preparation, synthesis, evaluation, significant contributions, collaboration and engagement.
  • Reading actively will improve my comprehension.
  • My opinions concerning a work of fiction are part of a larger dialogue.
  • Author make deliberate choices about how to craft a piece of fiction effectively.
  • Effectively manipulated text evidence helps to create a more persuasive argument.

Essential Questions:
  • How does one participate effectively in a discussion of a work of fiction?
  • How does one cite strong and thorough evidence to support analysis?
  • How do the author’s choices regarding how to develop and relate elements of a work of fiction impact the text?
  • How does one effectively articulate his/her opinions concerning a work of fiction?

  • Read, annotate, and analyze works of fiction.
  • Compose a reader response to a piece of fiction.
  • Actively participate in a discussion related to a piece of fiction.

Common Assessment:
  • Participate in a scored discussion with department-created rubric.